Mark Graham, Ed.D., LPC




To use another’s character defects as a smoke screen for yours does not diminish the destructive effects of yours.


To criticize someone for speaking a difficult truth to you does not invalidate the truth; but it does prevent the blessing that it would have otherwise brought to you.


Complaining is a passive and annoying way of asking someone to do something for you that they either can’t or shouldn’t do.


If you can stand with a clear conscience before the just and all-knowing God with your actions and motives, then you need not feel guilt induced from any human.  But be careful not to harbor self-righteous indignation—the God that you stand before loves the ones who feel wronged by you as much as He loves you.


Anger is an inner demand that someone or something be different than it is.  In that respect, it is a form of non-acceptance.


Loving is not the same as needing.  Need is a pull inward toward the center of one’s being—an attempt to fill up a vacuum with someone or something from someone.  Love is a free and peaceful energy flowing out from the center of one’s being, conveying blessing and light to any who will receive it.


Trust God.  Love people.  Be happy.  [in that order]


 Regarding science and spirituality:  Science is the study of the violin [the tautness of the strings, type of wood, the notes, etc.]. Faith has to do with the ineffable melody and its effects on the heart.  Science studies organs and tissues. Faith celebrates the Life that mysteriously exists in and beyond those tissues.


You must not allow yourself to feel “controlled”. You never are.


There is no guaranteed way to make someone grow up into a mature human being.  But loving them with Christ’s LoveandTruth  offers them the best opportunity; and it protects you from the destructive effects of their denied character defects.


Kindness is the oil that lubricates the machinery of life.

We can not get people to love us, and we can not get people to be responsible.  We can not get people to receive the Truth that would set them free.  But it is a terrible mistake to lose the Peace that Christ died for us to have because of it.  And it is a terrible mistake to stop loving people because of their failures and irresponsibility.

Jesus' command that we are to love our enemies [Mt. 5:44] is a brightly shining testament to the fact that He is indeed the Hope of our world.

A sincere apology is a beautiful thing.

Life is difficult, but life is good.

The more confident you are in your beliefs, the less conflict you have with others about them.

If you want peace in our world, live and share Christ.

"I've chosen to stick with love. Hate is too heavy a burden to carry." Martin Luther King, Jr.